From Israel: “The Haunting Face of Evil”

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When last I wrote, I spoke about the tears, the terrible sadness, evoked by the terrorist murder of Ori Ansbacher.

That sadness is still in my heart, and in the heart of everyone here with whom I speak.

But it is fury that has now risen to the fore.  


After Ori’s body was found in the forest at Ein Yael, rumors, some graphic, circulated about her having been mutilated.  Unease about these rumors lingered, but the police put out a message urging people not to believe them.  

They certainly had reasons for issuing this call: It is possible that some of those rumors were exaggerations; certainly they were attempting to preserve the honor of the deceased and spare the immediate family further pain and grief.  

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But at least some of those rumors were true.  Ori was raped before being knifed to death.  And it seems her body was then mutilated.


On Monday news broke of the arrest of the terrorist. The reports were accompanied by pictures: The terrorist has scratches and marks across his face, signs of the fight Ori put up.

And he is smirking, visibly proud of what he did.

See here and scroll down for a short video:


This is the face of evil.  See it for yourselves.


My immediate, visceral response:  An urgent desire to smack him across the face so hard his head would go flying from his body.


Many regret that he was brought in alive.  But we only shoot terrorists when being apprehended if they try to flee or resist arrest. More’s the pity.

Now there are cries for the death penalty.  I do not know if this will happen, but it should.  

We have a law permitting the death penalty on the books but the accompanying legalities are complex (announcement that the death penalty is being sought must be made prior to proceedings, all three justices hearing the case must decide unanimously, etc.).  The only one we have ever executed is Eichmann.  A new bill that would have advanced the use of the death penalty in terror cases was put forward late last year, but never advanced to become law.

Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked is calling for capital punishment.  After visiting with the bereaved family, Bezalel Smotrich declared: “This despicable terrorist must die, his home must be destroyed, and his family must be deported here and now…Simply because our lives come first.”

Avigdor Lieberman, chair of Yisrael Beitenu, called for the terrorist to be tried in a military court, where it would be far easier to levy a death sentence:

“The murder of Ori Ansbacher was carried out in the seam zone in Ein Yael. In such cases the murderer can be brought to trial in either a military court in Judea or Samaria or in a regular court in Israel…

“To ensure this option, the Cabinet must instruct the Attorney General and the Military Advocate General to refer the matter to a military court….

Lieberman called upon the Minister of Justice and other ministers to demand the convening of the Cabinet in order to establish a new policy:  A. In any case where the terrorists can be tried in the framework of a military court, this should be done. B. In particularly cruel cases of murder, the Attorney General and the Military Prosecution should be instructed to demand a death sentence.


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Please see “A Reminder of Amalek” by Vic Rosenthal (who writes as Abu Yehuda):

“Here we are again. A whole country is suffused with feelings of excruciating sorrow, anger, and impotence. Here I am again, writing that another ‘Palestinian’ creature has brutally violated and murdered a beautiful young girl, a 19-year old who had a bright future, who now has none. Her mutilated body lies in the ground, and her family has only memories…

The Prime Minister said that ‘…we will bring the matter to justice.’ But we won’t. There would have been justice, perhaps, if the creature had been shot when he was caught, but that didn’t happen. We don’t have justice, we have what Tuvia Tenenbom called ‘a very complicated Talmudic thing, nobody knows, even the Jews cannot figure it out.’

“The ‘Palestinians,’ a nationality invented…are the spiritual and practical descendants of the biblical tribe of Amalek, an enemy hated and feared by the people of Israel because of their penchant for attacking from the rear, killing the weakest and the slowest of the Israelites.

“This has always been the strategy of the ‘Palestinians,’ who especially seek out Jewish women and children to act out their perpetual rage…

“The Jewish people are commanded (Deut. 25:19) ‘blot out the memory of Amalek from under heaven. Do not forget.’ This is generally understood to mean to completely destroy the tribe (see also I Samuel 15:3), but the rabbis decided that because of the way the various nations were scattered in history, it is impossible to determine who, if anyone, is a blood descendant of Amalek today. Nevertheless that commandment still has meaning. I would not go as far as the prophet Samuel and insist that we are required to kill every living creature in Amalek’s camp, but I understand it to mean that when faced with an antisemitic enemy, we are required to achieve full victory over it, to obtain what was called unconditional surrender after WWII.

“We have been trying to do the ‘complicated Talmudic thing’ since 1967, perhaps since 1948, and it hasn’t worked. Today we know that there can’t be coexistence, that Jews and ‘Palestinians’ can’t live together (the jury is still out about the Arab citizens of Israel). Yasser Arafat’s educational system, perpetuated by his successor Mahmoud Abbas, and the similar system in the Gaza Strip controlled by Hamas and paid for by the UN, have guaranteed that. They have bred possibly the first complete generations of youthful Jew-haters vicious enough to cut the heads off of three-month old babies and to stab 75-year old grandmothers in the street…”


Credit: Abu Yehuda


The terrorist ‒ whose name (which I have studiously avoided mentioning) is Arafat Irfaiya ‒ was first identified via DNA at the scene. He was known to the authorities because of prior arrests. (And even once declared he would return as a “martyr,” which raises other questions.)

The search led Israeli security forces to Al-Bireh, near Ramallah, last Friday. There they entered the Jamal Abdel Nasser Mosque, where they confiscated footage from security cameras, and arrested an employee.

Credit: visitpalestine

This search was neither random nor futile. Shortly thereafter, our security forces arrested the terrorist in a building in Ramallah. 


When searching the building where he was hiding, our forces had the most able assistance of Zili, a Belgian Malinois who has been part of a Border Guard S.W.A.T. team for five years.

Explained Zili’s handler:

“We scanned the building, and on one of the floors I released Zili to search the site. I then heard barking and realized that he had located the terrorist and overpowered him, so that he wouldn’t run away. When we got to him, we arrested him.”

The S.W.A.T. commander then elaborated (emphasis added):

“The S.W.A.T. dogs are fighters in every respect. This is our approach, which brings about a very significant connection between the fighting men and the fighting dogs. The dogs train with us, go out with us on operations and spend leisure time with us. This combination of a human warrior and a four-legged warrior is a winning combination, which has yielded many operational successes in recent times.”

Credit: Border Guard Spokesman


Brings a smile to me and I hope to other dog lovers among my readers.


The response of the PA to the search for the terrorist, on the other hand, is absolutely nothing to smile about:

The day after the arrest of the terrorist, the official PA daily Al-Hayat Al-Jadida reported that:

“The occupation raided the Jamal Abd Al-Nasser Mosque…in El-Bireh.

[PA] Minister of Religious Affairs Yusuf Ida’is condemned the attack against the sanctity of the Jamal Abd Al-Nasser Mosque under baseless and unacceptable pretexts.  Ida’is said in a press statement that this cowardly attack against a religious and sacred place of worship, without any consideration for its sanctity and its religious and spiritual value, constitutes part of a series of daily attacks against our Islamic and Christian holy sites, and particularly the Al-Aqsa Mosque…by the occupation forces and…and under political cover of the right-wing occupation government.”


There was no mention, you will note, of the reason for the forces’ entry into the mosque, and no condemnation of the terrorist act.


On Sunday, questions were raised about PA payments to be made to Irfaiya or his family – such payments being a routine aspect of PA policy (and I will be writing a good deal more about this).

But the PA declared that it has not received any request for financial aid from the family.  

Stated a PA official,“claims in the Israeli media to the effect that the family of Irfaiya would receive a monthly salary are part of the campaign of incitement against the Palestinian leadership and President Abbas.”

And anyway, explained an official with the Palestinian Prisoners’ Commission, even if the family does apply, it will takes weeks if not months because their eligibility is determined.

“At this stage, we still don’t know anything about this specific case.  It’s not even clear whether this was a nationalistically motivated attack.”


The family in Hevron ‒ which is worried about a likely house demolition ‒ was quick to declare the innocence of this murderer who has not only confessed but acted out his attack for Israeli authorities.  

Said Suleiman Irfaiya:

“Our family is not affiliated with Fatah or Hamas or any other faction.

“He was never involved in such things. I know my brother very well, and I don’t believe he is capable of doing such a thing.”


And so there you have it: No shame, no remorse, no readiness to accept responsibility.  Just hypocrisy and lies that contradict each other: all in an attempt to cover the heinous and hateful behavior to which they are committed.

These are our “peace partners.”


As to the political scene, I will simply say here that I believe we must push for a strong right wing government.  For only such a government understands and would be ready to take appropriate actions.

There is much more to tell about the shifting dynamics of the campaign, but that must wait until my next posting.


I consider it imperative that Americans, including those in governmental and leadership positions, be confronted with the truth regarding the Palestinian Arabs and the mood of Israelis, who are weary of platitudes and calls for patience.  Weary of the would-be murderers within our midst.

I implore you, my readers, to share this information as broadly as possible within all available venues.  Forward this email, post it on your Facebook pages, write letters to the editor, etc.  

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