Getting to Know Her


I came on aliyah in 2001, one of the best moves of my life.  Daily, I thank Heaven that I am in Israel.

As an olah (a new immigrant), I was eager to share personal impressions and solid information about the situation in Israel with friends and acquaintances in the US. Thus was my list-serve born. This list has grown exponentially, and its content and style have been considerably refined.

Now I average multiple postings a week, offering both reliable data and analysis.  I treat serious questions from my readers with respect.

Shortly after initiating my list-serve, I began to work professionally as an investigative journalist for the Center for Near East Policy Research.  I produced several major reports on UNRWA for the Center for Near East Policy Research, as well reports on the true nature of Fatah, the dangers of funding PA security forces, the Israeli NGO Adalah, and more.

Today, officially retired, I work harder than ever: on my postings and other writings, and as Co-Chair of the Legal Grounds Campaign.  (See information about the Campaign on this site.)

New Jersey born and bred and a resident of Maryland for several years, I have been living in Jerusalem since shortly after my arrival in Israel; I identify as modern Orthodox.

If there has been a constant in my work over time, it has been my writing, but in many ways my background has been eclectic.

My Bachelor degree is in psychology and my Masters in counseling and human services.  I took up the cause of the Jews of Ethiopia in the 80s and early 90s, via the American Association for Ethiopian Jews; I worked in the field with people newly arrived in Israel, and assisted with relief and rescue efforts from the States.

I then turned to designing soft-skills software — training in the computer on diversity, stress reduction and using your whole brain effectively — and producing Jewish educational software and hard copy materials.

Simultaneously, I conducted live workshops on stress reduction, Jewish identity and more.

For a period of time, I worked with a top non-governmental anti-terrorist in the US.  This led, fairly directly, to my investigative journalism.

My articles have appeared in such venues as Azure MagazineThe Jerusalem Post,, American Thinker, Arutz Sheva, YNet, National Review Online, The (Philadelphia) Jewish Exponent, Midstream, Present TenseThe New York TimesBaltimore Jewish Times, Outlook, AmitThe Evening Bulletin (Philadelphia), and The Aish website.

I have written three books: Disclosed: Inside the Palestinian Authority and the PLO in 2004, and Falasha No More (for children) and Treacherous Journey: One Man’s Escape from Ethiopia, both in 1985.

I have done interviews with BBC online,, Voice of America, IBA English News (Israeli TV), and IsraelNationalNewsTV.