From Israel: “Embrace the Miracle!!”

Today was Yom Ha’atzmaut, Israel Independence Day.  And the miracle is Israel.

Credit: Israeli Box

With all the angst and tension we’ve been feeling these days, it is especially important to take the long view: To remember just how incredible the Jewish state is, and what a blessing to be part of it all.

And what better time than when Israel has just celebrated her 75th birthday.  

We rose up from the Nazi horrors to establish a state: A fairly amazing feat. But no sooner did we declare our independence, then we were facing Arab armies determined to defeat us.  Yet we won. And won again and again against incredible odds.  Not only did we win, we did so with stunning military agility.


We gathered Jews from 70 different places across the world, forging a nation incredibly rich in diversity.  We have established a modern state, with cutting edge technology, that still embraces ancient traditions.

At the same time, we have established ourselves as a light unto the nations – sharing medical advances and technology with people across the planet, so that their lives might be better.  And when there is an emergency somewhere outside of Israel, perhaps an earthquake, Israelis are among the first on the scene to help.


We have a vibrant, resilient culture. Someday soon, I hope to do an entire posting of some length sharing stories that shed light on how special our people are.

The land has flourished in our hands. We have made the desert bloom.

And it is truly amazing to be where it all began – where we can trace our history back 3,000 years and more.  Archeology tells this story, with more discoveries uncovered regularly.


And so, my friends, embrace this miracle with us and share the joy.  

Stand with us, as we grow and struggle.  For, although we are a miracle, we are deeply imperfect – a young nation, evolving, growing, struggling.  


I was going to segue into political news, but I have decided not.  Let this message stand alone.  The political news and analysis will return soon enough.  This moment is to be savored.


Hatikva – Israel’s National Anthem with English translation:



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