From Israel: “Announcing…”

While we await a bit of clarity regarding our election results, I wish to share other information:

Since 2012, I have been co-chairing the Legal Grounds Campaign with Jeff Daube, as we sought to advance the cause of Israel’s rights to the land.

We feel confident that our efforts have contributed meaningfully – both in terms of increasing awareness of our rights within the Knesset, and in providing education on the issue more broadly.

Now, for a number of reasons, it has become necessary for us to pare down the activities of the Campaign. We do this with regret and hasten to note that we are not terminating all projects.  Most notably, our course for law students will be sustained. 

However, at present, the Legal Grounds Campaign website will no longer be on-line.  That website contained a wealth of information that is valuable for anyone working to defend Israel’s rights.

And so, what I have done is to move pertinent data – major reports by legal thinkers, primary documents, etc.—to my website so that they might continue to be readily accessed.

I want my readers to be aware of this transition, and I encourage you all to take a look at the material, which can be found on the right sidebar of this site.


While you are here, on my website, I ask you please to consider making a donation to ArlenefromIsrael. This is possible utilizing links also found on the right sidebar.

Those of you who regularly read my material know how much information I provide, in addition to offering explanations and perspective.  I am motivated by great love of Israel, and intend to keep doing this work!  But the effort is often draining.  Your support would be much appreciated.


Rosh Hashana begins on Sunday night, and I extend to all wishes for the blessings of a good new year.

May we live with a spirit of gratitude for all we have, and may we be imbued with a sense of purpose in our lives.  

May we find health in the New Year, and may it be filled with the love of family and friends.

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With regard to the election results, matters are still in flux. I hope to have some news later this week.  

The campaign has generated so much unpleasantness – with tensions between different groups exacerbated.  And so I want to do something I haven’t done in a long time – close with a link to a song: “A Tribe of Brothers and Sisters.”

It was released for Yom Ha’Atzmaut (Israel Independence Day) last spring. Imbued with a message of love and national unity, it reflects a sense of what we should be aiming for in the New Year.  

Thirty-five top Israeli singers participated in this production, which took two years to complete. Each singer recorded his/her part as a “selfie” on a cell phone.  

Music by Idan Raichel; lyrics by Doron Medalie; and finale by President Ruby Rivlin.



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