From Israel: “A Cause for Celebration!!”

At last, within the American political scene, at least one reason for gladness:

The Senate has acquitted President Trump of the charges of “incitement of insurrection” leveled in his second impeachment trial.  Not only has a patriotic American who was not remotely guilty of these ludicrous charges been absolved, further damage to the US Constitution has been averted.

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The defense effectively exposed the hypocrisy of the Democrats, and their willingness – for purely political purposes –to undermine the Constitution, with regard to particulars of the impeachment process and its limits, and most notably the guarantees of First Amendment.  

According to some reports, their goal was not really to ensure that Trump could not run for president again, as would have been the case legally had he been found guilty. They knew they didn’t have the votes necessary for a guilty finding.  (They were ten votes short when the vote was taken.)

Rather, they hoped to debase him publicly so that he would be without political clout going forward.  But all they managed to do was debase themselves.


Senator Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.) described the situation thus:

“The House Impeachment Managers launched an unconstitutional show trial to humiliate the former President and his supporters. The Impeachment Managers have accomplished nothing but to extend the pain of the American people…”

And yes, there was that, too: The Democrats cared not a whit about healing the nation.


I share here a video of the defense presentation of Michael Van Der Veen, one of Trump’s attorneys.  It is brilliant, especially with regard to the videos he shared demonstrating the behavior of key Democrats.  All those who choose to think, even now, that Trump is guilty of “insurrection” should, in my opinion, see this.


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Trump has expressed gratitude to his lawyers and all who have supported him.  Hopefully this brings to an end what he calls “the greatest witch hunt” any president has ever endured.  Indeed.

His goal of making America great again has just begun, he says.  His key concerns right now are strengthening the Republican Party and working on electoral reform.  Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) has indicated a desire to work with him for positive ends.

The first electoral goal going forward is bringing Congress a Republican majority in the midterm elections.  


Last Friday, February 12, was Abraham Lincoln’s birthday.  While, sadly, Lincoln is not held in high esteem in leftist, revisionist America, he sure is in my book.  I believe he – understanding a bit about healing a wounded nation – would heartily approve the outcome of the impeachment trial.  We will know that America is healed when Lincoln is returned to the national pantheon of America’s greats, including in the schools.

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It’s time for the American people to look past the distraction of the impeachment and to be concerned with true threats to the nation.

I share here portions of a speech delivered by Biden at the Pentagon on February 11.   It brings to our attention two issues of deep concern:

First, as you will observe, Biden cannot read the teleprompter and stumbles over key words.  This brings to the fore the matter of Biden’s slipping cognitive competency, which was much discussed before the election but has taken a back seat to other matters since.  Until now.

His incompetency suggests that others have been guiding him of late, and that likely before long he will be moved out.  Kamala is waiting, probably with some impatience.

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And then, as commander-in-chief, Biden has announced he is putting forth new priorities for the military:

The “new” army will have three new missions: to help curb the pandemic at home and world-wide, to address the issue of climate change, and to participate in the fight for racial justice.


He wants to politicize the army (although he vigorously denies this), bringing it in line with his (and, even more so, Kamala’s) radical progressive agenda.  Were the army to be involved in all of this, it would have neither time nor energy to defend America.

If this doesn’t make you want to run screaming from the room, then you are undoubtedly on board with that radical progressive agenda as well.

I remind one and all that Trump, as commander-in-chief, believed in the necessity of an army equipped to defend America and worked to strengthen it.  But in order to take that position one must believe in the importance of a strong America, which is the ideological crux of the matter.


In closing, this, with regard to a statement made by White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki, in response to a question about whether the Biden Administration still considers the Saudis and the Israelis important allies:

“There are ongoing processes and internal interagency processes, one that we I think confirmed an interagency meeting last week to discuss a range of issues, uh, in the Middle East. Um, we’ve only been here three and a half weeks ah, and I think I’m gonna let those policy processes see themselves through before we give kind of a complete lay-down of what our national security approaches will be to a range of issues.” 


Uh oh, big time.  That should have been a no-brainer, even for Jen Psaki.

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Unless, of course, Biden really is rethinking the question of important allies.

As Jonathan Tobin recently observed:

While Biden and Secretary of State Anthony Blinken speak at times as if they care about the alliance with Israel…virtually every step the administration is taking undermines the relationship with the Jewish state.”


Tobin is speaking about Biden’s backing off on a tough stance with Iran, and I will come back to that.  Trust me.


I am beginning to think that the Biden Administration is going to move so far left that a whole lot of frightened voters in America (who are not going to be comfortable with the Biden/Kamala agenda) may indeed deny the Democrats Congressional victories in 2022.


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