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October 12, 2011: A Word on Shalit

October 12, 2011

Just a word.  I am without the time to write, but cannot go into the Chag without a comment to my readers.

Suffice it to say that I, too, want to see Gilad Shalit home, and I, too, hurt for his parents.  But I am deeply distressed by this deal that has been announced. 

My first thought is: Why now?  Why did Netanyahu cave on parameters he had held strong on until now? What’s going on behind the scenes that we’re not aware of?  What are the political parameters.  I will not speculate here.

One Israeli involved with this who was quoted said, “Israel probably could have gotten a better deal, but it was time to bring Shalit home.”  Really?

The problems: 

[] The deal releases over 1,000 prisoners, some terrorists, some of whom were serving life sentences.  They will, as a Hamas leader has already declared, “return to the resistance.”  Oi!

[] Originally it was being said that none released would be allowed to return to Judea and Samaria. But within the parameters of this deal some will. Some will even return to eastern Jerusalem. Oi!

It is being said that some of these will be restricted in their movement, but I’m not clear as to who will do the restricting — besides which, they can organize, plot and plan even if restricted.

[] This provides increased motivation on the part of Hamas to do further capturing of Israelis in order to secure the release of more prisoners.

So… it must be asked who — and how many — will pay for Shalit’s release.

[] In addition, those in the Israeli security forces who do a magnificent job of capturing terrorists will find this reduces their motivation and serves as a disincentive to their efforts. Why should they work so hard and even risk their lives, if these bastards may be released down the road?  It likely aggrieves them, that their work is being undone.  Not good.

[] But speaking of being aggrieved, think of the families of those who have been killed by the terrorists who will now be released.  What a bitterness this must be for them, what a sense of justice undone they must feel.  Justice undone.

[] Lastly, and not insignificantly (although there may be more going on than has been made public), I see nothing about Shalit’s condition and verification of that condition before the deal is begun.  As I read it, 450 terrorists will be released before we get him back.  May he be in health that can be repaired, and reasonably coherent in his mind, when he returns.  May he be breathing!


There should have — there could have — been other ways of bringing Shalit home. 

Professor Gerald Steinberg of NGO-Monitor notes what a condemnation this situation is with regard to the so-called human rights organizations, who never acted on Shalit’s behalf.


The holiday continues to call to me.

Chag Sameach!


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