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November 4, 2008: A Report That Matters

November 4, 2008

If it’s not too late…in case it makes a difference. I had to run this.

According to YNET, Al Ahkbar, a Lebanese daily, is running the following story today:

Palestinian Authority sources are saying that Abbas and Fayyad are hoping Obama will win today because when he visited they “heard the best things they ever heard from an American president (sic).”

He said he “supports the rights of the Palestinians to east Jerusalem.”

But, said the sources, he asked them to keep his position a secret. His “leanings toward Israel,” they explained, were aimed at gaining the support of Israel and the American Jewish lobby.

This is hardly out of the blue, as it dovetails with considerable other evidence that Obama is an Arab-tilting phony. Would that more people would have seen it. Giving the Palestinians eastern Jerusalem, I will point out, means giving them our holy sites and setting up the Jewish residents of western Jerusalem for terrorist attacks.

Matters will fall as they will…




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