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June 1, 2007: Sending Letters

June 1, 2007

Israel is deeply concerned about the academic boycott recommended by the British Union of Colleges and Universities (UCU) — uneasy that this will spread to other places, as we’ve already seen with the labor union I mentioned yesterday.

Please open this link to StandWithUs, an excellent CA-based organization, which provides information on sending letters of protest to the leadership of UCU. And please, follow through by writing an e-mail or sending a fax. The goal is to get a referendum of the whole membership in this issue, because it is felt it would be defeated.

The UCU recommendation is not just to boycott Israeli academic institutions, it also calls on the EU to stop all funding for research at our institutions. Considering the quality of research done here and how this benefits the world, this is incredibly shortsighted and foolish. It is also anti-Semitic.







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