The accomplishments of medical researchers and doctors in Israel have been so great that it is impossible to do anything other than briefly allude to some of the most important discoveries, developments and innovations.

  • Molecular cell biologist Ravid Straussman of the Weizmann Institute of Science has discovered that bacteria hidden inside of cancer cells may hinder the effectiveness of chemotherapy.  Chemotherapy combined with antibiotics may be more effective.
  • An Israeli ophthalmic medical devices startup, Corneat-Vision, has developed a revolutionary artificial cornea implant that holds out hope to millions of blind and visually impaired people suffering from diseases of the cornea.
  • A Jerusalem medical startup, Raziel, is developing an injection that doesn’t actually melts away fat cells.
  • Researchers in Israel have developed a device that helps the heart pump blood, an innovation that has the potential to save lives of people with congestive heart failure.
  • The “Clear Light,” a device developed in Israel that produces a narrow-band, high-intensity blue light, causes acne bacteria to self-destruct without damaging surrounding skin.
  • Dror Seliktar of the Technion in Haifa  has invented a unique gel called Gelrin, which acts like a “bone glue” and will reduce the need for bone transplants.
  • The Israeli company Shulov Institute for Sciences has identified chemicals in snake venom that can serve as a powerful analgesic for the chronic pain of conditions such as arthritis as well as from diseases such as cancer.
  • When cancer cells metastasize they require a new source of energy.   Uri Nir of Bar-Ilan University in Ramat Gan and his team have identified an enzyme called FerT that is critical to the generation of energy.  When this enzyme is destroyed in mice, the cancer cells die.
  • An Israeli start-up company called Gamida-Cell has developed a revolutionary treatment for leukemia using a stem-cell derived product. Tested on terminal leukemia patients for whom other treatments had failed, it achieved remarkable results