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LGC – “The Jewish People has a natural, historical and legal right to its homeland and to its eternal capital, Jerusalem.”

– From the preface to Resolution 5251 of the Israeli Cabinet, December 2012

Cabinet Resolution 5251 was passed by the Cabinet in as a statement countering the November 29, 2012 UN General Assembly resolution 67/19 passed ‒ in response to a petition by the UN representative from “Palestine”‒ that upgraded “Palestine” to “non-member observer status.” 

That is, it was a defensive or responsive measure, not simply a statement of pride in Israel’s rights or an expression of what those rights are.

Who knows about this statement, even inside of Israel?  Is it drawn on in broader contexts?

We want people to be aware that this statement of rights was passed. We believe that this is precisely the sort of message the Israeli government must be delivering day in and day out, for all the world to hear.

And this ties directly to the Campaign you will read about here.