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Posted July 5, 2006

What an extraordinary farce! Yet one that the world participates in willingly. The Palestinian Authority is the only governmental entity (in this instance not a...

Posted July 3, 2006

Briefly, as events unfold: The terrorists involved in holding Gilad Shalit (Hamas’s military wing, Popular Resistance Committees and Islamic Army) have delivered an ultimatum to...

Posted June 29, 2006

An incredibly painful day, fraught with various happenings. The body of 18 year old yeshiva student, Eliyahu Asheri, kidnapped by terrorists, was found outside Ramallah...

Posted June 27, 2006

How shall I describe my response?  Unbearable frustration? Rage? Shame? The government of Israel is making itself foolish, and it’s difficult to sit still for...