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September 12, 2007:There It Is!

September 12, 2007

Olmert and company exposed with their intentions out front for all to see.

We are not to "play into the hands of Hamas" by going into Gaza, you see. As an official of the government has now explained:

"We are in a very complicated diplomatic climate. If we go into Gaza in a large-scale operation, the November summit will definitely be canceled."

One might ask, first, why? If we are purportedly making peace with Abbas in Judea and Samaria, why can’t we fight Hamas in Gaza?

What sort of conference is this that would not permit us the self-defense that any nation has a right to? We are to be bound and trapped by that conference.

More importantly, what sort of government would cooperate with this? What sort of government do we have, that makes movement towards an illusory peace with a terrorist entity that would push us into an indefensible position more important than action that protects Israelis from injury and death???

This last, of course, is rhetorical. The answer is obvious. A corrupt and immoral government that should be dispensed with forthwith.


Last night was going to be my last posting and yet I could not let this pass, so obscene is it.

As Rosh Hashana does approach, all other commentary will have to follow the holiday.

In the meantime, I hold on to that gratitude I spoke of yesterday. Maybe there will be a response from inside the government at this, finally. Maybe the people of Israel will decide they’ve had enough.

If you are not only angry, but also want to act constructively with regard to what’s happening, let me hear from you.

Shana Tova.




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