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Posted March 8, 2007

March 8, 2007

Word is that a deal to secure the release of Gilad Shalit is close. Reportedly, Israel will release some prisoners as "a gesture to Abbas," after which Shalit will be turned over to Egyptian custody and Israel will release hundreds more prisoners, most associated with Hamas. The number to be released has been determined, their identity has yet to be determined: The Palestinians have made certain requests and Israel is considering them.

My response to this — should it actually transpire — is enormous ambivalence. Yes, of course, good news to bring Gilad home. But at what cost? Hundreds of prisoners released means hundreds returning to terrorism. Willingness to trade these prisoners for one soldier means increased motivation to kidnap more in order to secure release of additional prisoners.


Here we go again! The same nonsense.

King Abdullah of Jordan addressed a joint session of Congress yesterday, and received a deservedly cool response. Opined he: "The wellspring of regional division, the source of resentment and frustration far beyond, is the denial of justice and peace in Palestine. This is the core issue. And this core issue is not only producing severe consequences for our region, it is producing severe consequences for our world."

The king prevailed upon the US to be involved in correcting this grave "injustice," presumably so that the world could be set right. That he doesn’t want any more Palestinians in his country, of course, has nothing to do with it.

The NY Sun critiqued this speech well in its editorial today, "Gall of the Hashemites." Incredibly, Abdullah spoke about "sixty years of Palestinian dispossession," but from 1948 to 1967 Jordan controlled Judea-Samaria and made no move to give the Palestinians their own state.



A report released by the World Bank says the PA faces a fiscal crises so severe it may cause a collapse. The main cause: In spite of reduced revenues, the PA continues to increase its payroll.


Binyamin Netanyahu, in a press conference yesterday, declared that the time has come for elections, for the Olmert government has failed and is moving in circles. Once again he referred to former Likud members, currently in Kadima, who were interested in returning. So, nu?

In a poll release by New Wave, 72% thought Olmert should resign. Netanyahu drew the highest percentage — at 30% — of those who might follow Olmert.


According to the Post, UNIFIL is seeking an more vigorous mandate from the UN for doing its job in Lebanon. Right now UNIFIL may not engage Hezbollah guerillas but must contact the Lebanese army and wait for them to decide if UNIFIL assistance is needed.


More to follow…


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