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Posted February 8, 2007

February 8, 2007

Well, how about that! Yesterday I supplied a URL for a page on the Post that showed a picture from AP of the construction for the new bridge to the Temple Mount. I critiqued the caption under it, which referred to the "Al Aksa Compound" instead of saying Temple Mount, and said it was in "east" Jerusalem, implying "Arab" Jerusalem, instead of just saying Jerusalem. Now I had occasion to check that page again, for another reason, and I’ve found that the caption was changed in both respects. It now reads as it should. Guess they took a lot of heat on this one, and glad to see it.


But now Iran has gotten into the act with regard to that bridge to the Temple Mount. From Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei we have this:

”The world of Islam should show a serious reaction to the Zionist regime’s insult to Al-Aqsa Mosque. Silence is not an option, the Muslim world must respond."

So they’ve hooked into something that gives them the chance to stir things up. Rather than comment further I ask you to read about the flip side — the Muslim disregard of Jewish archeological remains on the Temple Mount and the failure of the Israeli government to adequately protest or stop this. Is this not a part of not knowing how to publicly expose the errors of our enemies? There’s a serious price here. See:



The Knesset has approved Tel Aviv University law professor Daniel Friedman as justice minister. This looks like it may turn out to be a very positive thing — a true professional and not a politico in this position. What is more, seems he is a top flight professional with integrity. Hebrew University Professor Claude Klein said, after hearing of the appointment, said, "I have known the man for more than 30 years. Professionally, he is head and shoulders above the rest, one of the greatest legal experts in the country." Friedman is a strong critic of the judicial system — which fact is making certain people nervous. He sounds like just what this country needs!


As I write, Fatah – Hamas violence is threatening the "summit" in Mecca, where leaders have sworn to come away with an agreement. If the violence can torpedo such an agreement it would only be to the good. Seems the Post has learned that Khaled Mashaal, Hamas top man and hardliner, intends to demand (demand?) that he be made deputy chairman of the PLO, after Abbas. Right now Hamas does not belong to the PLO and this, reportedly, would be the condition for its participation. Hamas is said to be looking to "reform" the PLO. By this you can be certain they do not mean to make it more moderate. How the subject moved from a PA unity gov’t to this is not clear to me, but what I see is not pressure on Hamas that brings moderation, but Hamas bringing increased radicalization to the Palestinians, with Fatah buying in.


And, glory be! the Israeli gov’t this time acts aware of this increased radicalization of Fatah. The unease — evident in Olmert’s words the other day — has been expressed in several contexts: Abbas, in his eagerness to form that unity government may cave on the principles of recognition of Israel, adherence to prior agreements and foreswearing of terrorism. Word is out that if Abbas were to do this, it might promote a "re-evaluation" of Israel’s relationship with him and even jeopardize his scheduled meeting with Olmert. An additional aspect of the unease is the concern that the international community, eager to legitimize that unity government, might waive its prior demands with regard to these principles. This concern has been expressed to international diplomats. May these reports be true, and may this unexpected bout of sanity sustain itself.


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