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Posted February 21, 2007

February 21, 2007

Of late we seem to be squeaking by, by the grace of Heaven. Abbas has revealed his true colors in his stance at Mecca, Hamas refuses to budge on its principles, the US and the EU are saying a unity gov’t must abide by the three stipulations. Sounding good.

Sort of. For the idiocy that comes in the guise of political wisdom never ends. The readiness on the part of international and Israel leaders (I use that word advisedly) to see moderation where it doesn’t exist. The pronouncements that make not an iota of sense to anyone who has his eyes open. And so there is insecurity, and a feeling that any moment now we’re going to get hit with something dire.

Today, there is this report: "Prime Minister Tony Blair met with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas on Wednesday and praised him for being committed to peace in the Mideast." (YNet) How does Blair know Abbas is committed? It must be because Abbas told him so. It can’t be because Abbas has been conducting himself in a manner that promotes peace — because he hasn’t. So good old Tony chooses to take Abbas at his word, or pretend to, and promotes him publicly as someone peaceful.

In fact, with regard to future negotiations, Blair said, "I have no doubt that the president [Abbas] is sincerely and completely committed to this. I would like to pay tribute to the president’s vigor and determination in moving this forward."

I will point out that Abbas in June signed the Prisoners’ Document that condoned terrorism even inside of Green Line Israel. And in Mecca he signed on to a gov’t that doesn’t recognize Israel’s right to exist, doesn’t agree to abide by previous agreements, and will not renounce terrorism. (According to Al-Hayat, in London, at the summit on Monday, Olmert exploded at Abbas, accusing him of siding with Hamas against Israel.)

But all of this must mean nothing, because Tony Blair knows Abbas is committed to peace.

We even have Abbas’s public word on this. Said he: "We are really concerned about getting the kind of peace that is based on a two-state solution – Israel and Palestine – which live in security and peace side by side." I wonder who the "we" he is talking about is — for along with Hamas, Fatah in its constitution is also committed to Israel’s destruction.


In spite of his leaked outburst at Abbas on Monday, Olmert declared at a press conference today that he intends to keep the channels of communication with Abbas open.

It is hardly a secret that Olmert was stopped from giving away Judea and Samaria, via his "convergence" plan, only by events beyond his control. He envisioned doing so, and made it clear today that that vision has not essentially altered. Talk about insecurity and a sense that we’re going to get hit (from within, in this case). He remains firmly committed to a Palestinian state next to Israel.

But a Palestinian state simply is not the answer, is not viable, is not possible. The fact that this is so, and that alternatives to a state exist, must enter the public discourse now. I will have more to say on this.


More lunacy. The military branch of Hamas has announced that its ceasefire with Israel is over. You know what ceasefire this was? The one during which Israel has been bombarded regularly. Said a spokesman from Izzeddin Al-Qassam Brigades, it is unrealistic to talk about a ceasefire while the excavations near Al-Aqsa mosque are ongoing."

Oh, right…


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