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October 18, 2011: Catching My Breath

October 18, 2011

This will be the last posting I will send out until after the holiday is over.  We are commanded — commanded! — to be joyous over Sukkot, and I’m going to try.  My focus will be on holiday activities for a bit now.

As I write, Gilad has been brought into Egypt.  He is alive, but there is as yet no information on his condition.  In any event media reports will be minimal, in order to protect the privacy of the Shalit family.


Please see the piece today by Sherri Mandell, who lost a son to terrorists and, with her husband, founded the Koby Mandell Foundation to assist victims of terror.



The prime minister wrote a letter to the victims of terror, which I don’t believe was particularly well received:



The release of the terrorists has begun.  They were required to sign a form, which is a farce of the first order:



Every day over Sukkot we sing Hallel — psalms of praise to the Almighty, and of thanksgiving and celebration.
At one point, we read:

“All the nations surround me.  In the name of HaShem, I cut them down. They encircle me…in the name of HaShem I cut them down…G-d is my might and my praise…

“I shall not die!  I shall live and relate the deeds of G-d!”


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