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October 10, 2008: Where Are We Headed?

October 10, 2008

Yesterday was Yom Kippur, the holiest day in the Jewish calendar. Twenty-six hours in which we are to be, according to the tradition, as angels: not eating nor drinking, not concerned with worldly matters, focused on Heaven. The prayers were strong and deep, at least in my shul — and I hope in all of them. But now we’ve returned to this world, and resume our roles as very flawed human beings.

And I take a look around me and what I see from all sides is grievously worrisome. I wish I could say otherwise.


The US is caught in a political situation that suggests deep problems and a lack of moral and political clarity. The financial crisis originally set off by the Lehman Brothers collapse is reverberating dangerously around the world — with economic instability having the potential to generate political instability as well. And more and more various international figures are saying they’re not sure they can stop Iran from going nuclear.

Has humanity learned no lessons? Is there no end to shortsightedness and greed?


Here, Livni is inching closer to a coalition agreement with Barak, not a source of good news. They are having a major meeting today.

And this week EU envoy Mark Otte told The Jerusalem Post that Olmert’s recent statement — which was comprised just of spoken words and not anything on paper! — regarding Israel’s “need” to pull back to the ’67 lines will be a “reference point” in the future. This is the damage that it was feared Olmert could do. Although it should be noted that Livni has declared she does not support what he said, we’re going to face international pressure based on his declaration.


Over Yom Kippur, a riot by Israeli Arabs in Acre against the Jewish population there was deliberately instigated. This is deeply troubling as well as infuriating. After Shabbat I would like to deal with this is greater detail — it requires attention.

In fact, as Shabbat comes early here now, much more will have to follow after Shabbat…





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