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November 9, 2008: Priority

November 9, 2008

That is my personal priority in this instance: Something (good) of a personal nature will keep me from working at my computer for a few days. So please know that I will not be posting as normal in the course of this week.

Thus, I ask you to — please! — hold comments during this period, lest I become overwhelmed when I sit back down to the computer. If there is some verifiable information that is significant that you wish to share briefly, by all means. But only this.

Thank you.


Condoleezza Rice has now conceded that there’ll be no peace agreement under a Bush administration. But she persists in the fiction that the Annapolis process is “vital and vibrant” (huh?) and that from it, fairly soon, a Palestinian state will emerge .

As I write, Livni is in Sharm El-Sheik, where she is meeting with people from the Quartet. She has told them that the best way to proceed is by allowing the current bi-lateral talks between Israel and the PA to continue without artificial time constraints. Abbas will address the group assembled as well.




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