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March 26, 2008: Ongoing

March 26, 2008

The number of concessions we are apparently willing to make in order to "strengthen" Abbas.

The latest is an Israeli decision to allow the PA to purchase armored vehicles from Russia for use by security forces in Nablus. The decision had been held up because the PA wanted machine guns mounted on these vehicle, and at this Israel balked.

Twenty-five vehicles will be delivered soon via Jordan, and another 25 will be held in Jordan pending a further Israeli decision.

MK Binyamin Netanyahu (Likud), speaking at a conference of the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs today, had it exactly right:

"The idea of entrusting the PA with our security has failed in the past in Gaza and it will also fail in Judea and Samaria. The notion that we will provide the PA with weapons in its present state and believe that those weapons will protect us is a nonsensical one.

"Those weapons will be turned against IDF soldiers much faster than we think. This is exactly what happened in Gaza."


But let’s take yet another look at exactly whom we’re arming:

The US generals responsible for monitoring the compliance with the roadmap of Israel and the PA have expressed concern about Palestinian anti-terrorism efforts.

If the PA were truly serious about eradicating terrorist infrastructure, it would be arresting suspected terrorists, doing interrogations, and holding trials. But that is not what’s happening. Rather, according to the US monitors, the PA is content with "containing terror," stopping specific attacks and attempting to prevent Hamas from getting strong enough to take over. When terrorists are arrested, they are brought to trial only if there is outside pressure.


It took us six years but we did it! Israel has now apprehended Omar Jaber, top Hamas commander in Tulkarm. Jaber was the mastermind of the infamous 2002 Park Hotel seder massacre, in which 30 people sitting at seder in the hotel were killed and another 140 wounded. It was this horrific attack that precipitated the Defensive Shield Operation.

We have a reputation for getting those who commit these horrendous acts, no matter how long it takes.


See David Weinberg’s piece, "Shelve the Shelf Agreement," on how foolish and dangerous is the notion of a signed agreement that presumably provides a political horizon but would not be activated yet:





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