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December 4, 2007: Chanukah

December 4, 2007

Tonight begins our Festival of Lights , Chanukah. And it occurs to me that this holiday has particular relevance for us this year.

Chanukah has several aspects:

There is the historical aspect, which sees the Maccabees fighting against forced assimilation. Thus are we reminded to stand proud as Jews, without seeking after what the world would have us be.

There is the miracle of the oil , which was sufficient for one day and yet burned for eight. The modern state of Israel is a miracle so much with us that sometimes we forget. We must not.

There is the re-dedication , as the Temple, cleaned from pagan impurities, was re-dedicated to service to G-d. So should we re-dedicate ourselves to keeping Israel strong and Jewish.

The current world situation demands of us the very best that we can give. It demands strength, commitment to our values and identity, and faith.

To all my Jewish friends I wish a very happy and bright Chanukah.

The news, such as it is, will wait until tomorrow.




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