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Long term truce

While this sounds attractive, a long term truce offered by the Palestinians, most often Hamas, and called a hudnaor tadiyeh, is a very bad and dangerous idea.

During the course of such a truce there is no disarmament, but Israel is restrained from making a direct attack.  The time is intended to be utilized for further strengthening of forces so that Israel can be attacked again in the future.

This approach is founded in Islamic law and based upon the policies of Muhammad in the seventh century. At that time he forged a ten year truce — referred to as the Hudaibiya Pact — with the polytheistic Quraysh tribe in Mecca. Two years later, when he had garnered sufficient strength, he caught the Quraysh off-guard, attacked, and promptly defeated them.  This behavior is considered proper when dealing with non-Muslims.  It is referred to as hilam:  “by stratagems, you will make war.”