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Giving the Palestinians a State of Their Own is Simply the Right Thing to Do

That is what the Palestinians have convinced the world.  But this is not necessarily the case at all.  Consider the following:

There are already many Arab Muslim states in existence.  The Arabs who call themselves Palestinians share both history and culture with people in these states — Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Saudi Arabia, etc.

The Arabs who call themselves Palestinians only began to identify as a separate people in response to the formation of the state of Israel.  This new identity was politically motivated, not the result of a long history as a people with an indigenous desire for self determination.

The desire to eliminate Israel is stronger for the Palestinians than the desire to have a state.  Certainly they could have had one in 2000, but opted for violence instead.

The Palestinian culture is based on hatred and veneration of death via Jihad.  It is not a culture intent on development.  Why does such a culture merit a state?  Why does the world need such a state, which would be a center for terrorism?

It is time to consider other paradigms for handling the situation.